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Want to shake hands with the people from Pacific National who are going to destroy Little River?

Coming to the Little River Mechanics Hall...which will be soon hidden under a layer of diesel particulate if Pacific National get their way

Yeah, we don't either. But they're coming to town finally, so let's get out in force & tell Pacific National to GF!

Thursday 21st March 2024, 4.30 to 7pm

Saturday 24rd March 2024, 10am to 12.30pm

No registration required. And bet Pacific National don't even buy us a coffee before as they casually destroy our community & mental health, before exposing us all to cancer causing 24/7 diesel particulate.

Pacific National's 'community consultation'...via Zoom, with the chat disabled...

The 'first' of a series of 'we're really nice people...honestly' community consultation...shame it's only 18 months too late

So, after 18 MONTHS of ignoring our concerns, calls, emails & approaches, Pacific National held a farcical Zoom call on 22nd February where they 'faced up to the community', by...not letting us speak.

The chat was disabled, no one could see what others had written in the Q&A, & the questions were cherry picked to be the easiest ones possible. The hired facilitator used lots of lovely words like 'rail has a lot of beauty to it', 'heartfelt consultation' & (excuse us while we throw up in our mouths at bit) 'community is the lifeblood of Pacific National'.

In fact, the whole thing was so stage managed, we probably preferred it when you were ignoring us Pacific National with your 'Little River Logistics Precinct'.

But don't worry! Community consultation will be held IN PERSON (gasp!) in March where they would 'love to see us and shake our hands so we can meet the team'.

It's like Pacific National are completely unaware of the complete destruction of our lives, homes, native wildlife, natural surrounds & overall enjoyment their logistics precinct will create.


Pacific National's destructive plan for Little River has to complete an Environmental Effects Statement

Even our state and federal governments don't want this community-wrecking, nature-destroying plan to go ahead...

After sneakily launching their rail intermodal plan in 2023 (all while lying to the people of Little River that there 'was nothing to be concerned about') PN have now been told to complete an Environmental Effects Statement by the Victorian State Planning Minister, Hon Sonya Kilkenny.

She outlines multiple reasons Pacific National's Little River Intermodal is the dumbest idea for our fragile natural environment, including:

The project has the potential for a range of SIGNIFICANT effects that require rigorous assessment. In particular the project as proposed could have significant effects on:

  • threatened species and communities

  • native vegetation and ecology of the area's terrestrial environments and freshwater environments; including ephemeral wetlands and creeks

  • aboriginal cultural heritage

  • landscape and visual amenity

  • social values and amenity impacts

Just so we're clear, those last two bullet points related directly to the fact Little River locals will have their lifestyles DESTROYED by 24/7 truck and train movements, noise and light pollution, and expose us all to high levels of cancer-causing pollutants that will cover our homes, the primary school, fire station, maternal health centre, heritage buildings, the pub and surrounding paddocks CONSTANTLY.

It goes on to say:

There is uncertainty about the extent and magnitude of potential effects related to Port Phillip Bay (Western Shoreline) and Bellarine Peninsula Ramsar Site, traffic soils, land-use / planning and historic heritage that also require further assessment.

The project has the potential for cumulative adverse effects on local and regional environmental values in combination with nearby existing and potential infrastructure.

An EES is warranted to enable an integrated assessment of the environmental effects of the project and associated uncertainties, to inform decision-making for required approvals. The EES will evaluate feasible, relevant alternatives, the effectiveness of proposed mitigation and offsetting measures, including opportunities to avoid or minimise significant adverse effects through alternative design layouts, designs and other mitigation measures.

Tell you what, here's an idea for 'mitigation measures'...why don't you move to the Somerton Intermodal that is ALREADY under construction and would be a perfect location for you, Pacific National, and leave Little River alone?

You can read the whole statement here.

Little River native grasses under threat

Pacific National...why destroy Little River when there's Dynon Road, Somerton, or the WIFT...?

There is simply no good reason for Pacific National to destroy Little River...other than their share price

For all their bleating about carbon emissions, jobs for people, great mental health for their workers (shame about ours!), trucks off the road etc etc etc, what Pacific National have failed to mention is that there is SIMPLY NO NEED for a loud, destructive, expensive, community-destroying intermodal at Little River.

Yep! As far as we can tell, the Little River Intermodal plan is really about executive egos at being able to say 'we own this site' (but had to destroy natural areas, peoples lives and a whole community to build it...oh well *shrug*).


Fun fact: All PNs shareholders are overseas companies. Every. Single One. Which means, even if they do get clearance to build a smelly, disgusting concrete covered wasteland in Little River, Australians are NOT going to see any financial benefit. 

But it also explains why they're planning to destroy our little town; to shore up their share price. Going to another - already planned, purpose built and under construction - intermodal site that is owned by government or the private sector, isn't as appealing to shareholders as wrecking 350ha of natural grasslands. Apparently.


Of course, it doesn't help that PNs major shareholder is looking to sell up and PN still needs multiple billions to even consider building a dual bridged, planet-wrecking intermodal on the fragile western plains of Victoria.

But never fear PN! Just because your executive team have apparently completely overlooked the more appropriate fit-for-purpose alternatives (it's OK, we understand planet wrecking can be a confusing business), we've listed them here for you:

Dynon Road:

PNs current site, which they have to be out of by 2031, with remediation works to start in 2029. Nothing wrong with it, except for the unacceptably high number of heavy truck movements through Melbourne's CBD (which they think will be fine for Little River, Wyndham and Geelong). The state government wants them out, which has led to the rather dumb decision to attack Little River.

Solution: PN, why not negotiate a longer settlement with the state government to stay on until the WIFT is ready? Speaking of which...

Western Intermodal Rail Terminal (WIFT):

Currently under development in Truganina, just up the road from Little River, but on an existing industrial site with clear access to roads, workers and infrastructure. The Council, community and state government WANT Pacific National to move operations there, and even have skills training ready. Unfortunately, the WIFT won't be ready in time for the 2031 deadline at Dynon Road.

Solution: See above. Duh.

Somerton Intermodal Terminal:

A private sector project that's ALREADY UNDER CONSTRUCTION and can comfortably house Pacific National. It's backed by EVERYONE, including the Prime Minister. As the State Member for Broadmeadows Kathleen Matthews-Ward, put it: This investment in Melbourne’s north is great news for our community – supporting jobs on the ground, while also supporting our state’s busy freight industry.

Solution: Stop being so destructive and go make a deal with the Intermodal Terminal Company.

From the WIFT's literally has it all for Pacific National, so why are they insisting on destroying Little River?

Why the WIFT Pacific National destroying Little River.png
Why are Pacific National destroying Little River WIFT.png

Pacific National's map of Little River
(don't worry PN, we fixed it for you! Scroll across)

Little River wrecked by Pacific National Intermodal 2.JPG

Pacific National's plan for a community & environment-wrecking rail intermodal at Little River

Pacific National Little River Intermodal - seriously?? Here's all the reasons it's BAD.


No community consultation

Despite their glossy website claims, Pacific National have NOT consulted the residents of Little River on plans to build a 350ha rail intermodal just 1.5kms from the centre of town on land that is zoned Green Wedge.


We mean, how hard would it be go 'hey guys, we wanna destroy your town & way of life, how about we talk?'


Robo-phone survey

The best Pacific National could be bothered to do in their idiotic plan to concrete over large areas of natural farm & grassland within 1.5 km of Little River, was 'survey' people with an automated phone call.


Problem is, they didn't survey many Little River locals...we checked. Listen to the highly biased, greenwashed recording here.


Greenwashing bulls*t

In today's globalized world, large corporations claiming to be 'climate friendly' are the good guys, right? 


Yeah, nah. Pacific National are greenwashing the Little River rail intermodal to gain support for a plan that destroys, not saves.

Seems it's easy for Pacific National to just NOT walk the talk.


But...'community connections'!

But, Pacific National care about communities! You can read all about it on their website - "As an organisation with a significant regional presence we are committed to enhancing and caring for the communities which we operate in and through." 

Hey Pacific National, did you forget about the Little River community?


Driving extinction

Professor of Sustainability & Urban Planning, Sarah Bekessy (an actual scientist) said "grasslands to Melbourne's west are at real risk of being driven to extinction."

"It's always the case that it is public land or these green wedges are targets & we have to get away from that kind of thinking & see them as the assists to our city that they are."

Thanks Prof, best sense we've heard, love your work, people of Little River.


Will it really be that bad?

Nah, it'll be fine. As long as you're down for:​

  • 24/7 truck noise

  • 24/7 train shunting & locomotive noise

  • 24/7 light pollution

  • 3200 additional vehicle movements a day

  • Over 400 heavy haulage movements a day

  • dangerous & unacceptable increase in diesel particulate & other carcinogenic emissions (goodbye local primary school!)

Other than that, she's apples mate.


Driving extinction of locals

Your overpaid consultants seem to not care, but the 350 ha area (like, can you see that from space!?) you want to concrete over is habitat for endangered species.

The striped legless lizard & golden sun moth live here too you know, Pacific National.

Oh, don't forget the critically endangered large-headed fireweeds you're planning on bulldozing over. They just want somewhere quiet to live too.


Saving carbon emissions

Pacific National boss Paul Scurrah claims the Little River Intermodal will save 400,000 tonnes of Co2 over the next TWENTY EIGHT years.

Pfft. If it was every year, we might be impressed. But what Mr Scurrah has failed to consider as he stabs away at his calculator is as trucks run cleaner fuel & slowly electrify, that number will drop even further.

Try again Paul.


New biodiversity zone

We actually love this bit. 205 ha of biodiversity, 'saved' by Pacific National! Oh yay!

Yeah, but the whole area is already biodiverse, & we'd kind of like to keep it that way, & preferably not concrete over ANY of it.

Plus, given Pacific National's underhand, secretive, 'don't tell the locals' dealings so far, we're not really convinced they won't just conveniently ignore that bit too.


Jobs blah blah blah

We've all heard it before. This (massively destructive) project will create jobs!

Until it's actually allowed to go ahead, & then suddenly that jobs forecast that was massively overinflated is conveniently forgotten.

Just on that, if there'll be '3600 jobs' at Pacific Nationals Little River intermodal, why will there ONLY be 200 estimated truck movements every day? Hmmm?

Paul! Get the calculator!

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