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"I felt sick when I heard...a foreign business is destroying Australian families..."

This is a sign that foreign-owned 
Pacific National
should not destroy the town of Little River, our environment and our native animals


Pacific National, a foreign owned company that pretends to care about Australians - has announced plans to concrete over 350 hectares of GREEN WEDGE environmentally sensitive area in order to build a 24/7 operating rail intermodal within 500 metres of homes in the peaceful rural township of Little River.

Their reason? Profit for their foreign owners. 

Yep, they're prepared to wreck a whole town, destroy forever remnant grasslands set aside as green wedge zone to be the 'lungs of Victoria', push endangered species to extinction, kill endangered native grasses and trees and cover residents and the nearby RAMSAR Wetlands in 24/7 cancer-causing diesel particulate, silica dust and god knows what else.

Our town will not allow this to happen.


Pacific National's 'Little River Terminal' plan is grotesque...and completely unnecessary given Pacific National have options other than Little River. This company - who claim to CARE about the communities they operate in - has conducted a bullying secretive and underhanded campaign to push ahead with this environmentally destructive plan while keeping Little River residents - who's lives will never be the same - in the dark.

IMG_7643 2.JPG

This is how the community of Little River is coming together to say 'GF' to Pacific National's environmentally destructive plan that will affect EVERY VICTORIAN!

Pacific National's destructive plan for Little River
(don't worry PN, we fixed it for you! Scroll across)

Little River wrecked by Pacific National Intermodal 2.JPG

Pacific National's plan for a community & environment-wrecking rail intermodal at Little River

Pacific National Little River Intermodal - seriously?? Here's all the reasons it's BAD.


No community consultation

Despite their glossy website claims, Pacific National did NOT consult the residents of Little River on plans to build a 350ha rail intermodal just 1.5kms from the centre of town on land that is zoned Green Wedge until March started in 2022!


We mean, how hard would it be go 'hey guys, we wanna destroy your town & way of life, how about we talk?'


Greenwashing bulls*t

In today's globalized world, large corporations claiming to be 'climate friendly' are the good guys, right? 


Yeah, nah. Pacific National are greenwashing the Little River rail intermodal to gain support for a plan that destroys, not saves.

Seems it's easy for Pacific National to just NOT walk the talk.


Robo-phone survey

The best Pacific National could be bothered to do in their idiotic plan to concrete over large areas of natural farm & grassland within 1.5 km of Little River, was 'survey' people with an automated phone call.


Problem is, they didn't survey many Little River locals...we checked. Listen to the highly biased, greenwashed recording here.


But...'community connections'!

But, Pacific National care about communities! You can read all about it on their website - "As an organisation with a significant regional presence we are committed to enhancing and caring for the communities which we operate in and through." 

Hey Pacific National, did you forget about the Little River community?


Driving extinction

Professor of Sustainability & Urban Planning, Sarah Bekessy (an actual scientist) said "grasslands to Melbourne's west are at real risk of being driven to extinction."

"It's always the case that it is public land or these green wedges are targets & we have to get away from that kind of thinking & see them as the assists to our city that they are."

Thanks Prof, best sense we've heard, love your work, people of Little River.


Will it really be that bad?

Nah, it'll be fine. As long as you're down for:​

  • 24/7 truck noise

  • 24/7 train shunting & locomotive noise

  • 24/7 light pollution

  • 3200 additional vehicle movements a day

  • Over 400 heavy haulage movements a day

  • dangerous & unacceptable increase in diesel particulate & other carcinogenic emissions (goodbye local primary school!)

Other than that, she's apples mate.


Driving extinction of locals

Your overpaid consultants seem to not care, but the 350 ha area (like, can you see that from space!?) you want to concrete over is habitat for endangered species.

The striped legless lizard & golden sun moth live here too you know, Pacific National.

Oh, don't forget the critically endangered large-headed fireweeds you're planning on bulldozing over. They just want somewhere quiet to live too.


Saving carbon emissions

Pacific National boss Paul Scurrah claims the Little River Intermodal will save 400,000 tonnes of Co2 over the next TWENTY EIGHT years.

Pfft. If it was every year, we might be impressed. But what Mr Scurrah has failed to consider as he stabs away at his calculator is as trucks run cleaner fuel & slowly electrify, that number will drop even further.

Try again Paul.


New biodiversity zone

We actually love this bit. 205 ha of biodiversity, 'saved' by Pacific National! Oh yay!

Yeah, but the whole area is already biodiverse, & we'd kind of like to keep it that way, & preferably not concrete over ANY of it.

Plus, given Pacific National's underhand, secretive, 'don't tell the locals' dealings so far, we're not really convinced they won't just conveniently ignore that bit too.


Jobs blah blah blah

We've all heard it before. This (massively destructive) project will create jobs!

Until it's actually allowed to go ahead, & then suddenly that jobs forecast that was massively overinflated is conveniently forgotten.

Just on that, if there'll be '3600 jobs' at Pacific Nationals Little River intermodal, why will there ONLY be 200 estimated truck movements every day? Hmmm?

Paul! Get the calculator!

Sign up for community updates!

If you'd like to keep in the loop with this fight, send us your details in the form below. (Yes, we're asking if you work for, or are associated with PN, because they've proven themselves to be super sneaky so far in trying to destroy our community.)

Thank you for saying GF to PN!

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