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How can you help Little River defeat PACIFIC NATIONAL?

Step 1: Write to the Planning Minister

Pacific National have lodged an application with the Victorian Planning Minister The Hon Sonya Kilkenny to see whether an ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS STATEMENT (ESS) should be completed. 

This was lodged on the 13th October 2023 & the Minister makes a decision within 20 days. 

We want a full EES because Pacific National will then have to complete a highly detailed survey of the area, which will highlight how important Green Wedge zones are to our people, animal & plant life.

So we need all emails to the Minister lodged by Friday 3rd November!!

Here's what to do:

  • Write an email addressed to the Hon Sonya Kilkenny at email address ​

    • Introduce yourself briefly

    • Explain that Pacific National's proposal:

      • Will clear more than 10 hectares o​f native vegetation

      • Will remove a significant proportion of remaining habitat for threatened species in Victoria

      • Will change the character of surrounding waterways & two listed wetlands

      • Has the potential to threaten the health of marine ecosystems

      • Will extensively impact the health, safety & well being of the residents of Little River

      • Will exceed 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year during operation

    • Say thank you & hit send!

Struggling with writing your email? Get in touch with one of our letter writing committee here & they'll help!

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