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What do Little River locals think of PACIFIC NATIONAL?

We're not gunna lie, we're pretty distressed, p**sed off, angry, frustrated, helpless, sad...all the bad feels at once...

Ironically, Pacific National won an actual AWARD from the TrackSAFE Foundation in 2023 for 'recognising RUOK? Day' & 'encouraging meaningful conversations'.


Yeah, we know, you seriously can't make this stuff up. Excuse us while we throw up in our mouths a bit.

Meanwhile, our community have been forced to reach out to both Wyndham & Geelong City Councils to ask for mental health outreach assistance for Little River residents who are really struggling with the news of Pacific National's destructive plans for our rural township. 


Unlike Pacific National, we actually spoke to people about how they're feeling now Pacific National's lifted the lid of secrecy on their community-wrecking plans. I know, real face-to-face conversations! Imagine that!

The number of Little River locals who wanted to share their thoughts & feelings is indicative of how passionately we feel about our community & how deeply this has cut, especially as country people are usually the last to speak up.


We continue to receive & share the thoughts & feelings of real people living in a small rural community that is suddenly threatened by massive industrialisation. From chooks clucking to 24/7 trains shunting & diesel trucks roaring past. From birdsong in the morning to light pollution so bright it'll scare wildlife away. From the wind in the trees to...well, you get the picture (unlike Paul Scurrah & his RUOK team).

These are heartfelt & sometimes hard to read.

There is enormous distress amongst Little River locals, some of whom live here because it helps their mental health.


So, thanks for that Pacific National. Maybe we can take part in your RUOK Day in 2024?


Local 25 years

I built our garden for my daughter who recently passed away. It's full of native plants and we have at least one Growling Grass Frog, which is an endangered species, that lives here.

I'm within one kilometre of Pacific National's so called 'Little River Terminal' and I'm scared I'll lose it all.


Local 20 years

Our utopia. “Noonabilla.”

54 different fruit producing trees and shrubs. ( my proudest is the pinkalishous macadamias).

Home grown and farm killed beef and sheep. Pure breed Sussex chickens, Khaki Campbell ducks and heritage bourbon red turkeys. The Tom is called Peter, walks around all day puffed up and does nothing except gobble at any noise.

Bees that produce honey that is sold before I even harvest it. 4 hours to mow our lawns, the best four hours every week. ( I can’t hear the phone)

We’ve looked at buying in Noosa, Darwin and even Mataranka.

The grass is always greener……where you water it and God knows I’ve “watered” this place. 

My utopia. Noonabilla, Little River, is our home. It (loosely) Aboriginal for resting place by the river.


Local 60 years

We've been residents of Little River for 8 years, and Wyndham Shire residents for 60 years. We moved here to enable us to fulfil our dream of breeding, training and riding horses, to have a country lifestyle, to live in a country community, to continue friendships that spanned decades with people I grew up with, to enjoy a peaceful quiet lifestyle, a place where our grandchildren can ride their horses in safety, to escape the "burbs" and industry, and to retire in a peaceful setting.


This proposal by Pacific National is just 200mt from our home, our sanctuary, our hearts. If this project comes to fruition - our lifestyle, our dreams, our health and well-being will be ruined. 





Local 5 years

The appeal of Little River is the small, quiet, slow moving, close community feel. We live in nature with huge bird populations. Kangaroos hop through our backyard. It is common to pass a horse and cart, a tractor and kids on bikes when you drive or walk down to the local general store where the owners know your name. We sleep with the window open to hear the river at night.


It’s a small protected precious little place where we came so that our children could grow up biking down the road to spend the afternoon with their mates in each others houses, coming home when it’s dark.


All this would come to an end so an already large company can make more money. It will destroy a little piece of Australia and all Australians should be worried if this proposal succeeds because if they can concrete over green wedges and completely destroy the way of life of an entire community, what does that say about what we can expect in the future?


Local 3 years

We moved to Little River 3 years ago because we wanted to get away from the busy town.

We love peace and quiet here in Little River, where we can see sparkling stars at night.

Our lives here in Little River would never be the same. Our lovely peaceful town would be ruined by more cars, trucks and noises from the industrial site. 

Pacific National, please don’t destroy our town!!


Local 10 years

We moved to Little River for the “country lifestyle” - peace and quiet, and a community that we feel safe and secure.

We love the scenery, the community, the peace and the quiet.

A Pacific National industrial site in Little River will further damage our roads, create excessive traffic, and destroy the Country Lifestyle of our beautiful town, Little River.


Local 20 years

We moved to Little River 20 years ago so my parents could raise me and my brother in a safe and peaceful environment. Owning our own farm in a small country town has been the best part of my childhood.

The big open space, tranquillity and community bond of Little River makes me feel at home.


A huge Pacific National industrial freight terminal so close to houses and the township of Little River will inevitably effect the livelihood and mental health of many locals who have choosen the country lifestyle.


Local 18 years

We moved to Little River to give our family the best of both worlds. Growing up in a close knit country community on acreage with farm animals, wildlife and nature as well as all the conveniences of being close to Melbourne and Geelong.


We moved to Little River because it is zoned “green wedge”. We bought here because we were assured that the zoning would protect us from exactly what is being proposed.


This proposal by Pacific National is industry on a massive scale and should not even be considered for the area. Such a development should only be considered in an industrial zone.



Local 18 years

We moved here 18+ years ago for the quiet country life style and give our children a healthy outdoor lifestyle to grow up in including horse riding as their pastime. 

The fact Little River is in a green wedge also meant that we wouldn’t be encroached by huge estates also appealed to us moving out here. Too bad about Pacific National ruining that.


Local 20 years

We moved here more than 20 years ago from a city suburb. We moved here for the space and peace and quiet. When we looked at different locations in the area we picked Little River because it is zoned Green Wedge and can’t be developed. We love the sound of birds in the morning (or really all day), and the beautiful skies at night.


When people come and visit Little River they always comment how quiet it is. People visiting from overseas can’t get over the enormous number of stars in the sky at night, they have never seen anything like it.


I love it when I turn off the freeway towards Little River and see the You Yangs in the background and all the small rural properties that are on the outskirts of our little town. It would be devastating if this would be destroyed


Local 1 year

We moved to little river just last year. In hope of raising our kids in a safe and close knit community.


A quiet little neighbour hood with fresh air, and abundance of wild life, and crystal clear night time sky’s drew us to little river. 

A huge industrial estate by Pacific National a stones throw from our backyard with trucks bellowing black fumes into our clean air and 24 hour noise pollution is not what we signed up for when moving here.

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