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What health effects will your proposal have on us PACIFIC NATIONAL?

Pacific National's intermodal plan for Little River comes with an unacceptable risk to health

Exposure to high levels of diesel particulate, silica dust, PM10, CO, NO2, SO2 - all known carcinogens - this is the impact Pacific National's outrageous & underhand rail intermodal proposal for Little River will have on our health & wellbeing.

As important as our mental health (which is pretty much in the toilet thanks to the bullying behaviour of Pacific National) our physical health outcomes will also be dire. In all seriousness, we're talking cancer-causing bad.

We're just a small town that doesn't have $3 billion dollars to spend on fancy schmancy consultants (here's looking at you Aecom, Capire, Redbridge et al), so we're still gathering important data on their plan to introduce unacceptable levels of toxins to our natural & residential environment, which, it is no exaggeration to say, could cause disease & premature death amongst locals.

Here's the start of a list of all the health impacts Little River residents can expect to face if Pacific National continue with their community (& life) destroying plan.

Pacific National's overpaid consultants at Aecom call these yellow dots 'sensitive receptors'.

We call them peoples homes.

Sensitive Receptors aka people's homes.jpg

Here's the problem.

Pacific National's rail intermodal at Little River is pretty much smack bang in the middle of town. There's plenty of open space in Melbourne's west, but hey, the overpaid consultants have decided it's fine to expose over 1400 people, many of them children, to known carcinogens during construction & throughout the decades-long operation of the intermodal.

From their own report, written by Aecom way back in May 2023 (when they were still telling us not to worry) all of us are within reach of daily, ongoing cancer-causing pollutants. Even the Little River Primary School.

Hey, Pacific National, here's what your intermodal will do to the people of Little River...

We don't need to be no scientists to know the lovely people at Aecom consulting, who were no doubt paid a motza to green light the poisoning of a whole community, have listed a deadly cocktail of pollutants & toxins.

And note the Commercial in Confident at the top - another red flag on the hill of Pacific National's underhand, disgustingly dirty tactics to keep us in the dark.

AECOMs stupid health impacts report for Pacific National & Little River_edited.jpg

And here's what Pacific National will be subjecting the people of Little River to...

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